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MoMo API SDKs offer a streamlined approach for developers using Java, PHP, Android, JavaScript, Node.js to seamlessly integrate  with MoMo Open APIs. They can create either client or server applications capable of interacting with MoMo APIs. Every language SDK support API use cases such as Transfer Disbursements, Transfer Remittance Transfers, Debit Collections, Agent Services (inclusive of Cash-In and Cash-Out), Refund, validations.Each language SDK is equipped with all the necessary libraries, reference materials, code examples, and tools that developers need for the construction of their solutions. Step 1:Before using the SDks Obtain the Subscription key with the below steps   Sign up Navigate to the products page Select drop down on product that suits the business case and subscribe Once Done, Subscription Keys are found via Using the primary Keys update the SDK Configuration with the Keys.    Step 2: Find the SDK requirements and download links via Github  below. NOTE: Sandbox Provisioning Use case is a Onetime process generating API User and API Key for the sandbox.  Ask the Community, if faced with challenges  SDK Details Java SDKRequirements Java JDK-1.8 or higher Apache Maven 3 or higherGit Hub MTN-Group/MoMoAPIs_Java_sdk (  Java Script SDKRequirements Any BrowserGit Hub MTN-Group/MoMoAPIs_Javascript_sdk ( PHP SDKRequirements PHP 5.4+ cURL PHP Extension JSON PHP ExtensionGit Hub MTN-Group/MoMoAPIs_Php_sdk ( Node.Js SDKRequirements Node.js 16.19.1 LTS or higherGit Hub MTN-Group/MoMoAPIs_Nodejs_sdk ( Android SDKRequirements Android Studio 4.0 or newer Android Platform Version: API 32 Build gradle: 7.3.0 Git Hub MTN-Group/MoMoAPIs_Android_sdk (