Reason for some FAILED API responses updated.

Part of our ongoing efforts to improve MoMo Open API experience, we have updated the reason field for some FAILED responses on the Get Status API with insightful descriptions as illustrated below. 

"externalId": "c1f4687688585858a173f12",
    "amount": "500",
    "currency": "UGX",
    "payer": {
        "partyIdType": "MSISDN",
        "partyId": "25677000000"
    "payerMessage": "Debit RequesttoPay",
    "payeeNote": "Debit  RequesttoPay",
    "status": "FAILED",
    "reason": "NOT_ENOUGH_FUNDS"}


Use Case Product Actual Reason
Insufficient Funds Collections NOT_ENOUGH_FUNDS
Insufficient Funds Disbursements NOT_ENOUGH_FUNDS
Transaction Time out due to not inputting the PIN Collections COULD_NOT_PERFORM_TRANSACTION
Invalid Payer Number Collections PAYER_NOT_FOUND
Invalid Payee Number Disbursements PAYEE_NOT_FOUND
Transaction Limit Exceeded for Payer Collections PAYER_LIMIT_REACHED
Transaction Limit Exceeded for Receiver Disbursements NOT_ENOUGH_FUNDS
Blocked Payer Account Collections SENDER_ACCOUNT_NOT_ACTIVE
Blocked Payee Account Disbursements PAYEE_NOT_ALLOWED_TO_RECEIVE
Blocked Partner Account Collections NOT_ALLOWED
Blocked Partner Account Disbursements NOT_ALLOWED


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