How to become a MoMo API Developer

  • 13 February 2024
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  1. Create a testing account on the  SandBox   MoMo Developer Portal SignUp


  2.  Navigate to the products page and subscribe to product/s for  your business. 

    Access the subscription keys under your account profile.

    Guide on creating subscription keys >> How to create subscription keys on MoMoDeveloper | MoMo Dev Community ( 


  3. Generate an API user and API key, 

    Find Information on how to do this on Create Your First MoMo API Request | MoMo Dev Community (

    Fork the PostMan Collection for creating API user and API key on Sandbox


  4. Navigate to the MoMo Developer Portal Documentation for a deeper understanding on how the API interacts with the Business   

    Start to explore and test the different business objectives within the MoMo developer SandBox platform 

    Also Access  the PostMan Collection  with Examples of requests and responses 


  5. Apply and Go live with the business KYC and test results specific to the country your business will Operate in. 

    Countries include Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Cameroon, Swaziland, Congo, Uganda, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Benin, Liberia, South Sudan, Rwanda, Conakry

2 replies

I want to signup for the momo API account to start developing how ever there is no form to fill

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Hi @webnai 

There is no form to start developing, just sign up on 

Below Blog will guide you.