Acces denied in creating sandbox user

  • 23 January 2024
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I am getting “Access denied due to invalid subscription key” when generating sanbox user. Please find screenshots attached.





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7 replies

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What is the URL from which the Subscription key was got? 

Hello allan.ddamulira,

I got it from this URL:

Screenshot attached


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You seem to be doing stuff right, so I would recommend you repeat the process in a new request or try it out from the portal. Never it might help you identify the what you missing.

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Also, you can try to cancel and re generate a new one and try again. 

Thanks @leontymo , @allan.ddamulira .

I have already tried all that. I even signed up with a different email, but still the same. Pulling my hair 😬

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Share the Email you used to create the account on » share it directly to me and @leontymo .   

Thanks guys. I regenerated a new subscription key and Reference Id. Sending the request from the portal works.

I also figured out that I needed to create the variables in Postman after importing the collection. Once I did that, it worked also in Postman.

Thanks again.