How do I generate the Consent Auth Request ID used in the CreateOauth2Token endpoint?

  • 4 August 2023
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I downloaded the postman collection of APIs. However, in the variables, the consent request id is already defined. I was wondering how it is generated in the testing sandbox. I want to use it when creating an Oauth2 token which I later use in other endpoints that require it.

3 replies

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When you  run the bc-authorize, the response body will contain the auth_req_id which is saved in the variable Consent_Req_Id.   Check the Tests Script 


Thank you for your reply. To run the bc_authorize endpoint, It requires bearer token from the Oauth2 token endpoint.  It’s confusing me in the sense that consent auth id is required by the Oauth2 token endpoint for it to run. So which endpoint do I have to run first that the other depends on.

Sorry for asking so many questions. I have managed to find the solution about the bc_authorize and Oauth2 token endpoints. The bc_authorize uses the Bearer token not the Oauth2 token. When I ping the get user info with consent endpoint in postman. It returns the basic user info opposing what is in the API documentation on the website which shows more details about the User.