What are the Keys APIs for receiving payments

  • 29 June 2023
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The documentation on the developer portal has many APIs I would like to know which are the key APIs when I want to receive payments


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3 replies

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Any one to support

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You will need to subscribe for the Collections Product.
There after read through the API endpoints listed, 
it depends on your BUsiness Product or Model, if you intend to create a Money Transfer, mobile wallet or just receive / collect payments for your sales.

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Get Basic Info  (Confirm with the customer if the Number  submitted  is correct )

Request To Pay  (Initiate debit , Customer receives a prompt to approve with PIN) 

Request  To pay Status  ( Get the Status of the Debit request )

Refund  (Refund the Debited amount  If Wrongly Debited or Customer is not happy with product )

Notification (Send SMS with extra Details on the Debited Transaction)