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MoMo API Production Configuration .

  • 2 August 2023
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Changing from sandbox configs to production environment details required one to do the following; -


Account details.

In SandBox, the API_USER and API_KEY are self-generated by calling the APIs in the sandbox-user-provisioning. In production, these details are got from the Partner Portal.  The account credentials required to sign in are;-

  • Username (e.g username.sp1) → this is shared one on one by the account manager.
  • MSISDN → a fully registered MTN SIM Card that can receive an OTP.



On navigating to the Partner Portal; -

  1. Sign in using the option of “Forgot Password or “First Login”. An OTP is sent to the MSISDN which you can use to sign in and then set/reset your password.


  2. Once signed in, locate the “API Access” menu option under the profile button at the top right corner of the page and click it.
    This will take you to the API Access page.


  3. From the API access page, click the Create API User button.


  4. From the popup, select the Account (if given more than one)
  5. Fill in the Provider Callback Host Payment Server URL
    If the URL for callbacks is then,
    full_URL Payment Server URL=
    Host = Provider Callback Host =
  6. When done, select OK


  7. You Will be presented  a pop up with the API_Key, store it jealously
  8. API_User will be displayed along with the Callback URL




Production  Subscription Keys

Once KYC validation and verification is done, an account is created on the production developer portal using an email address which you as a partner submit to MTN team.

On the portal, you need to navigate to signin on the top navigation of the page and click on the forgot password down below (

Enter the email address, sign in and reset the password.

After that, navigate to Profile section and this is where you will get the subscription keys.



Production configurations

These are the changes one has to make when crossing from sandbox to production; -

Config Sandbox Production
Base URL

X-Target-Environment EUR Refer to countries section below.
MSISDN test numbers & any number Actual subscriber number according to country e.g. 2567…… for Uganda.
Developer portal

Currency EUR Refer to countries section below.



Country X-Target-Environment Currency
MTN Uganda mtnuganda UGX
MTN Ghana mtnghana GHS
MTN Ivory Coast mtnivorycoast XOF
MTN Zambia mtnzambia ZMW
MTN Cameroon mtncameroon XAF
MTN Benin mtnbenin XOF
MTN Congo B mtncongo XAF
MTN Swaziland mtnswaziland SZL
MTN GuineaConakry mtnguineaconakry GNF
MTN SouthAfrica mtnsouthafrica ZAR
MTN Liberia mtnliberia LRD




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