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Greetings, I am a new user here. I have signed up for the MoMo developer and yet to subscribe for a product. When I try to Sign in, it gives an error that...”Please provide a valid email and password.”. 

Thinking I didn’t sign up well, when I try to Sign Up again it tells me ”User with specified identity already exists”.

Thinking password was not correct, I requested to change “Forgot password” and it allowed me to change through my email.

How do I sign in?

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use your credentials. 

Sign in - MoMo Developer Portal – SandBox ( 

Thanks for your reply, but I think you did not understand my problem at hand. I cannot login to the portal using the credentials I already created. I had wanted to add a screenshot but it’s not possible.

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You can try using another email address, the link shared with you is for the actual login page if you already have the password for the account